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UFO appearance Illustration (Photo: Thetruthbehindthescenes)
CALIFORNIA - A mysterious object floating in the sky recently reported occurred in the sky Texas, United States (U.S.). The incident occurred in the night sky, where people think it is the appearance of a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) or an alien invasion (alien).

Reported Nbcnews, (03/28/2013), some thought that the mysterious object was a fireball, which feared a meteor. Thus, fear is making one of the people calling the 911 emergency call at approximately 8:30 pm local time.

Based on these observations, the appearance of a strange object in the sky is like four orange lights moving slowly across the sky in the high line. UFO Instead, local police believe that the object was hovering over objects exactly a hot air balloon, equipped with fire.

Furthermore, the object is also much smaller than the giant airship and not a gondola when viewed from the bottom.

Interestingly, the estimated luminous object hovering several thousand feet off the ground slowly. Witnesses said object is sometimes seen, but then lost to the clouds and can reappear at any time.

Furthermore, one of the members in the wedding party nearby to call the police that the object is floating paper lanterns are lit after their ceremony. Chinese lanterns are made ​​of paper and candle light to provide heat, so the lantern can be lifted into the air.

The incident is not the first time the paper lanterns spark UFO reports. In October 2011, more than a dozen strange lights seen in the night sky area of ​​Utah, USA. According to eyewitnesses, the strange lights flying to the north at a speed of approximately 70 mph (113 kilometers per hour). (FMH) 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

One More Signs Found existence of water on Mars

 Target rocks on Mars named Knorr. The colors in the image expressed by the number of mineral terdidrasi MastCam image.

TEXAS, - Machines NASA's Mars rover, Curiosity, again presenting new information. With the Russian-made equipment, Dynamic Albedo of neutrons (AND), Curiosity found evidence of hydrogen on Mars that could be indicative of water.
Detection of the existence of hydrogen is obtained in the exploration of Curiosity in very dry areas on Mars. In exploration, the machine detects most of the hydrogen is in the form of water molecules (H2O), which binds to minerals.
"We see the signal variation along the trajectory of the landing to the Gulf of Yellowknife," said Maxim Litvak of the Space Research Institute, Moscow is also AND Deputy Principal Investigator.
"More water is detected in Yellowknife Bay than the previous location. Nevertheless, Yellowknife Bay we also see a significant difference," he added as quoted by Physorg, Monday (18/03/2013).
The research team also explained that they found indications that the process that produces the wet clay (clay) in the Gulf of Yellowknife happen without making a lot of changes in the mix of chemical elements that exist today.
Element composition of the surface rocks were exhumed by Curiosity match the composition of basalt rock. Rock were excavated containing proportions of constituent elements, such as silicon, aluminum, magnesium, and iron-like composition of basalt rock.
"The composition of elements in rocks in Yellowknife is not changed much by changes in mineral," said another member of the research team on this mission, Mariek Schmidt, of Brock University in Canada.
"After cleaning the dust, we got the results of the analysis show that the classification of the rock there is a rock with a composition as basalt rock," he explained.
Before the dust cleared inherent in the rock, investigators got confused because the composition of the dust. Based on the analysis instrument Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS), its elemental composition is less suitable to be categorized as basaltic rocks because there is sulfur.
However, after the dust has cleared the brush Curiosity, APXS see not too much sulfur in the rock. This indicates that the rock has elemental composition similar to basalt rock.
Researchers suspect that the basic rocks in Yellowknife original form when basalt rock shattered into fragments, then suffered displacement and collected back as sediment particles and mineral change when exposed to water.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DNA Damage Part of Normal Brain Activity

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Neurons in the brain cells (Photo: ScienceDaily)
SAN FRANCISCO - A team of researchers at the Gladstone Institutes, San Francisco, United States (U.S.) have found that the DNA damage is a common thing that happens in brain cells.
Reported by ScienceDaily, Monday (03/25/2013), the team found the malicious processes on the example mice with Alzheimer's disease. Earlier, a team of researchers have long known if DNA damage occurs in every cell in the brain and will accumulate with age.
But some damage in the DNA, known as double-strand break (DSB), has long been regarded as a major cause of age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer's. Accumulation of amyloid-beta protein in the brain, increasing the number of neurons in the DSB.
"They found that mice with a history of Alzheimer's disease, suggests preliminary DBS levels higher than normal mice. The present invention provides a new understanding of the mechanisms underlying this deadly disease, "said one of the researchers from the Salk Institute, Fred H. Gage, PhD.
The team of researchers from the Laboratory of Gladstone Senior Investigator, Lennart Mucke, MD, reported in his article in Nature Neuroscience, that the brain can function normally despite the DSB in nerve cells, as long as the DSB is able to be controlled properly.
In laboratory tests, the two groups of mice tested how the degree of absorption of new information on the neurons. Both were released to explore the new environment.
The researchers then examined the neurons from these mice to determine the level of DBSnya. The control group showed an increase in DBS right after they explore a new environment, but DBS decreased when they returned to their home cage.
The first group was genetically modified to be able to simulate aspects of Alzheimer's. While the other group was not given a modification of the so-called control group. After two hours, the two groups of rats were returned to their home cage.
In contrast, in the group of rats that were modified to simulate Alzheimer's have a higher rate of DSB in the beginning. Then the rate is increasing during the given nerve stimulation. In addition, the team also saw a substantial delay in the DNA repair process.
The team's findings suggest that in order to restore communication between the brain neurons and memory in people with Alzheimer's is to maintain a balance between DNA damage and repair gradually through medication.(Amr) 

Researchers Find Similar Antartica crater on Mars Terasin

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highest salt content of the crater in Antarctica (Photo: LabNews)
RHODE ISLAND - geological research team from Brown University, Rhode Island, United States (U.S.) have found a highest salt content in the crater formed in Antarctica.

Reported LabNews, Monday (03/25/2013), the findings were published in Scientific Reports, shows salt levels in the crater are similar to those found on Mars.

The salt content in the crater of Don Juan Pond in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica, eight times higher than the Dead Sea. Remarkably, this natural phenomenon occurs in one of the coldest and driest place on Earth.

The research team used time lapse camera showed the photos show that the water in the crater is the result of the freezing of ice in Antarctica.

"Of the 16 thousand photos that we managed to take shows that most of the water comes from melting snow during the day. However, these data do not prove where the origin of high salt content in the pond, "says lead researcher, James Dickson.

Search results further stated, the content of salted water comes from a sediment in the bottom of the crater soil. Because the salt in the soil will absorb the moist air, this process is called deliquescence.

Then, the water content of the salt containing flowing when the snow melts to the sidelines soil causes the formation of a crater.

Not only that, the photos in Don Juan is similar to photos captured on Mars. Some researchers believe that the lines in the picture indicate the possibility of water flowing in the Red Planet.

"In general, texture and salinity levels in the Don Juan similar as those found on Mars. However, not on the current state of Mars but life on the Red Planet in the past, "said Dickson.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Archaeologists Discover Ancient Aged 3200 Year Hours


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(Photo: Softpedia)
KAIRO - Arkeolog baru-baru ini mengungkap temuan jam matahari terkuno di dunia. Terbuat dari batu gamping, jam kuno penunjuk posisi matahari berusia 3.200 tahun ini ditemukan di Mesir.

Dilansir Softpedia, Kamis (21/3/2013), arkeolog yang bekerja di Valley of the Kings (lembah para raja) di Mesir, mengklaim telah menemukan salah satu jam matahari (sundials) tertua. Jam kuno ini dikenalkan kepada komunitas ilmiah.

Jam matahari tertua berusia ribuan tahun ini ditemukan dalam sebuah gubuk milik pekerja. Arkeolog meyakini bahwa benda peninggalan bersejarah ini digunakan untuk melacak waktu di masa lampau.

"Saya bertanya-tanya apakah ini bisa berfungsi untuk mengatur waktu pekerja yang sedang bekerja. Ini digunakan untuk mengatur waktu istirahat pada jam tertentu misalnya," ujar peneliti Susanne Bickel.

Seperti yang terlihat pada gambar, jam matahari ini merupakan bagian dari batu gamping atau batu kapur yang menunjukkan 12 garis. Artefak tertua ini juga memiliki lubang di bagian tengahnya.

Manusia kuno kemungkinan menggunakan benda ini untuk mengetahui waktu. Apabila sebuah tongkat di tempatkan di lubang tersebut, ini bisa menunjukkan pukul atau waktu melalui bayangan yang dihasilkannya. (fmh) 

Asteroid Threat Anticipation Great Need of Funds

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Illustration asteroid hit the Earth (Photo: TheRegister)

CALIFORNIA - The head of NASA said the Earth could be "doomsday" when there is a large asteroid crashing into the Earth without being detected earlier. Experts speaking at the United States, said that the billions of dollars needed to keep the Earth safe from asteroid strikes.
The threat of an asteroid or meteor as happened in Russia mid last month. As quoted by Reuters a few days ago, Charles Bolden, NASA executive earlier gave the discourse on how to deal with a large asteroid moving toward New York City.
Bolden told members of parliament House of Representatives Science Committee of the United States that anyone in this case, both the country uncle sam or anyone else can do that recommended by Bolden. Is the sermon? namely prayer.
Furthermore, as proclaimed TheRegister, Friday (03/22/2013), the head of NASA said that the possibility of such space rock meteor Chelyabinsk, Russia could enter the Earth's atmosphere. However, this is very rare.
He recognizes when a larger asteroid threatens, it will take years to associated warnings and decide what steps can be done. Congressman Bill Posey asked what strategies could be launched if an asteroid threatens Earth, which was detected with a warning for three weeks?
"If it (the asteroid) come in three weeks, pray," said Bolden. He admitted, space agency NASA currently not able to do much in the next three weeks.
"The smaller they are (asteroid), the more difficult they are to find., But they can be life-threatening," said Lamar Smith, head of the Committee in Congress.
White House science adviser, John Holdren said the amount of funds needed for cataloging space rock rose from $ 5 million to more than $ 20 million in recent years.
Holdren said the most useful projects that can be done is to put an infrared telescope in orbit like Venus. The telescope was commissioned to discover asteroids, which can not be observed from Earth because it obstructed the sun glare.
Russian Meteor is one space object that 'wandering' without being detected by Earthbound telescopes. This telescope will cost USD500 million to USD700 million. (FMH) 

Tracing the Detail Summary sun Amateur Astronomer

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Photo: David Tyler

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Buckinghamshire - Maybe we just know the general shape of the sun, but do not know the clear picture. More recently, a photographer as well as amateur astronomers managed to round up a detailed picture of the center of the solar system.

Dave Tyler, 71-year-old man, arrested members of a number of pictures through a telescope that is in his backyard. "When you see the sun, you can see something very interesting. This is the understanding of our place in the solar system," said Tyler.

Tyler, the origin of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, bringing together thousands of image frames using software on his computer. Two arrested sun image from 15 to 19 February 2013.

Tyler ringkusan image shows a cloud hovering over the surface of the Sun. Object called a filament that is usually seen in the form round.
"The filaments occur because the magnetic field tersenak., In turn, causes the local hydrogen plasma jumping from the solar surface," he explained.

For your information, Tyler using a homemade telescope being built since the age of 29 years. Retired engineering who lives with his wife and son had been interested in the world of astronomy for 40 years. (FMH) 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Archaeologists Researching World Dragon Jabranti

By Famega Syavira Putri | Yahoo! Indonesia
Archaeologists Archaeology Society of Indonesia (MARI Archaeology) researching slate inlaid dragon on Jabranti village in Kuningan, West Java. "This stone is probably the only tangible legacy dragon in West Java," said archaeologist from the University of Indonesia, Ali Akbar, when contacted by phone, March 15, 2013.

Stone dragons. Photo: Ali Akbar

is located atop Mount Tilu, Banjaran Hamlet, Village Jabranti, District Karangkencana, Kuningan regency, West Java. Local residents have long been aware of the existence of this stone, but felt compelled to view the state of the site which lies on the border between West Java and Central Java. The site is regularly visited only by those who meditate or ngalap blessings, seeking pesugihan.

Upright stone carved dragon figure is estimated to be relics of prehistoric times. According to Ali, upright stone that comes from intact stones, according to the original stone without molded is a common feature of the prehistoric record. However, the picture in the stone carvings, especially pictorial dragon, not a characteristic of prehistoric societies.

So, from the time whether these relics come from? To answer that question Ali Akbar have a hunch. "There is a possibility that the relief is carved later," he said. The composition of the rock is estimated to have descended from the prehistoric period, the period of 500 BC. Later, carvings made ​​by people from different times. Carving dragons probably derived from the ancient Sunda around 14-15 century AD.

 Relics comprises two large stones arranged like a gate, welcoming people coming from the south. Before and after passing through the "gate", there are a lot of big rocks scattered about. Chances are there are certain patterns in the arrangement of these stones. Unfortunately, the observations can not be done because of the condition of the site covered in lush forests.

"There is a rock that scratched goresannya form images," said Ali. When noted, these images resemble the shape of a dragon. Ali assumed the picture was drawn dragon as half of the body and has a crest on the head like a dragon.

"The dragon is carved in the image of a dragon in eastern cultures for intangible cheerful," he said. Ali Akbar explained that there are two kinds of dragons known in culture. In eastern cultures, the dragon is a symbol of goodness, whereas in western culture, the dragon is a symbol of violent crime and evil.

If the picture was actually a dragon, then the slate is the first dragon-shaped relics found in West Java. In contrast to East Java region of strong Hindu influence, shape dragon never known in West Java.

Dragon is also not known in ancient Sundanese culture. "Sundanese culture more familiar with the snake as a symbol of fertility and carrier blessings," said Ali. The images can also be seen as a huge serpent crown, because no images of the foot as it is commonly found in the embodiment dragon.

On one of the stone is also engraved human figure haired bald. The man holding the tail of a dragon while holding guns. The weapons are similar to the motif found in Sukuh, Central Java. These characteristics reinforce allegations regarding age relief, allegedly carved in the ancient Sunda, where Majapahit still prevail.
One side of the stone is carved with images allegedly triangle symbol mountains and rooftops. Two people pictured planting, the sculptures are thinner than before. "This triangle can also be used to describe the mountain erupted," he said.

He explained the way to the location of the slate was not easy. It took a six-hour drive from Jakarta to arrive at the Kuningan. Of Brass, the group moved Banjaran village, the last settlement at the foot of the mountain.

From the
village of Banjaran, proceed on foot for three to five hours through the forest with dense vegetation. "A lot of brambles and slugs, no way," said Ali.

The expedition started from the report on the website mariarkeologi, an organization that aims to unearth archeology to the general public. "Archaeologists should be suspicious if there are reports of people on the slate or a sacred object, because it is possible archaeological remains," said Ali Akbar.

Research is still going to continue to uncover the mystery surrounding the existence of this stone. The team of archaeologists has taken soil samples to be tested in the laboratory. Next, they plan to make a mold the shape of the original stone relics that can be enjoyed by the wider community. "What's real hard to reach and vulnerable to landslides so difficult to use a tourist location," said Ali. 

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Mystery "Masalembo Triangle" area of the Bermuda Triangle in Indonesia

"Triangle Masalembo: Bawean Island - City Majene - Middle Island, sometimes there is wind and ocean current that flows as a result of the pressure difference in the daily or yearly cycles (monsoon) and the two bump into one similar like a tornado, hurricane, hurricane or typhoon but in lap a slow but suddenly changed direction. "

Two traffic accidents in air and sea transport in the area or better known Masalembo Masalembu this, in recent years very alarming.
Tampomas-II while sinking on January 27, 1981 in waters Masalembo

The first, traffic accidents that befall marine ships Senopati Nusantara on December 29, 2006.


Then on January 1, 2007 crash of Adam Air airplane flight 574 with tail number PK-KKW. (see location Blackbox) (see a video of Adam Air, Air Crash Investigation NatGeo TV, text in Indonesian)  
And was followed in July by the sea transport accidents KM Mutiara Indah who drowned in the waters Masalembo on July 19, 2007

Adam Air Flight 574 with the tail number PK-KKW Masalembo missing in waters on January 1, 2007, was Taxiing towards the runway.
Seven days later, on July 27, 2007 followed by the sinking of KM Dawn Mas, also in waters Masalembo.

Yet a month after the incident, KM Resources Early sank again in the same waters on August 16, 2007.

Then two years kemudiann in 2009 on the day Sunday, January 11 morning, there was also disaster KM Teratai Prima which sank in the same waters.

Roro ship (ferry) Senopati Nusantara which also sank in waters Masalembo on December 29, 2006
 Everything is thought to occur at the same location is also adjacent to the eastern Java Sea and in the waters surrounding the islands Masalembo.
Even at first KM Tampomas II also burned at sea and sank in the same area on January 27, 1981. (see satellite map locations)

Why in the months of the same huh? Perhaps because these months are the peak months transitional or seasonal changes throughout the Indonesian islands located around the equator.

Masalembo Triangle
But why this accident in a location that is roughly equal? Probably just a coincidence, or ...?
Masalembo Island is actually a small island located at the end of Sundaland.
Small islands are located in the "fork" of the sea is a horizontal Java Sea from west to east and the Strait of Makassar were cut vertically north to south.

The pattern depths on Triangle Masalembo this very clearly shows an almost perfect triangle form an equilateral triangle.

Masalembo, Majene January 11, 2009

In depth map or map the bathymetry can be seen in the form of triangular islands.

After the events of sea and air transport accidents, the region comprises several islands is sometimes called the "Triangle Masalembo" or "The Masalembo Triangle". (see satellite map locations)

There's everything in this Masalembo Triangle area anyhow? Let us open the open a little bit yes. But do not expect much from the mystical, more terrestrial and maritime parsed side only. 

April, NASA "Insist" Activities Curiosity on Mars

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Posisi Bumi, Matahari, dan Mars (Foto: NASA)
WASHINGTON - NASA's mission of exploration will be delayed for 17 to 21 days in April. This is because the position of Mars to Earth is blocked by the Sun during the month of April. Thus, it is feared to disrupt communications between NASA satellites orbiting the Earth to Mars or a robot on Mars Curiosity.During that time, NASA will be menempakan satellites or unmanned spacecraft in low activity. In addition, the U.S. space agency also would not send a new command signal.Reported by Gizmag, Friday (22/03/2013), in April, Mars and Earth will be on the side opposite to the Sun. Speed ​​oribit two different planet, where every 26 months, Mars will be so close to the sun.That in itself can interfere with the communication process with the NASA spacecraft located at the surface of Mars and the Red Planet. Parties NASA also announced that this year is the peak phase of the solar cycle of 22 years.Although not so much turbulence (irregular turbulent motion) on the Sun as it does in cycles normally, but can still cause serious communication. If this happens, not only the data on the spacecraft were damaged, but it can also harm the command signal from Earth.To prevent this, mission controllers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, United States (U.S.) will disable the transmission of activities of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) and Mars Odyssey from 9 April to 26 April.However, Odyssey will continue to observe and transmit the signal back to Earth. Meanwhile, the MRO will collect data as much as 72 GB (60 GB has been completed and the remaining 12 GB pending) transmission of Curiosity in May. During that time, Curiosity will send a signal back to Earth."We will maintain visibility Curiosity. Things to consider is Curiosity will send daily signals directly to Earth, then we will present the results of visibility to the Odyssey, "said head of JPL, Torsten Zorn's mission operations team.(Amr) 

Airmen aerobatics RI Troops clashed with European capabilities in Langkawi

 Syarifah Nur Aida - detikNews

 Jakarta - Indonesia sent a team to the event's Air Force aerobatics Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace (LIMA). They will compete with a number of pilot prowess in Europe and America. Who wins?
LIMA event held from March 26 to 30, 2013. Indonesia Aerobatic Team named Jupiter. Participants consisted of FIVE countries in Asia Pacific.
Indonesia sent six planes to each of the two aviators. One backup plane prepared to anticipate the damage. Type of aircraft delivered manifold KT1-Wong Bee, made in Korea in 2006. In Indonesia, there are 16 units of aircraft.
"This is a platform to show our pilots have the ability. They played well," said Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro, during a press conference at the Halim Perdanakusumah, East Jakarta, Friday (03/22/2013).
For Purnomo, Indonesia's time appeared to show the quality of the combat. He believes the ability forces the Air Force is not inferior to other countries in Europe and America.
"While this is in the form of acrobatic show, a team of Jupiter, but outside the public will be able to measure how the ability of our pilots., Where the team will be present from the French, American, European, we are going to compete," he explained.
KSAU Marshal Ida Bagus Putu World said, the fliers will show the 18 maneuvers. But if the weather is bad, it will likely be reduced.
"We are blessing to be able to display their skills and return safely. We have conveyed to the pilot, that this was the mission of the state," he explained.
Commander Tim Jupiter, Airmen Col. Dedy Susanto, said the team has been training every day. With the South Korean-made aircraft, he believes the team will do a lot in the prestigious event.
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